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Foaming body-scrub Sorbet

Foaming Body Scrub Sorbet, you can experience a luxurious, foaming lather that glides effortlessly over the body, invigorating and refreshing your skin. This sorbet-textured body scrub is enriched with natural oils and extracts, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and nourished after each use.

Plus, you’ll love to know that this product is available in 4 beautiful scents in 4 eye-catching colors. Our Foaming Body Scrub Sorbet is your perfect go-to solution. And who can resist the pretty packaging? It’s a perfect addition to your bathroom shelf!

Foaming body-scrub Sorbet

  • Body Scrub-soap base,organic pure sugar,coconut oil,optiphen,vitamen e oil and cosmetic mica.

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